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First Steps in Music: The Lectures (5 DVD Set)

Price: $44.95


Who is a Musical Person?  (DVD 1)
Endangered Musical Minds (DVD 2)
Music for Infants and Toddlers (DVD 3)
Vocal Development in Preschool and Beyond (DVD 4)
Movement Development in Preschool and Beyond (DVD 5)

This remarkable DVD set captures the ideas and spirit of one of the most dynamic music educators of our time, John M. Feierabend.  In each DVD, Dr. Feierabend presents a compelling vision for the importance of music and music education in our lives, starting from infancy.  These DVDs also introduce Dr. Feierabend's best-selling music curriculum, the First Steps in Music series.  These DVDs are essential viewing for anyone who cares about providing a well-rounded education for our children, and who wants to make sure music remains an essential part of our lives.


Table of Contents:

Publisher: GIA
Composer/Author: Feierabend, John
Catalog Number: DVD875