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Timbre Variations - Percussion Quintet

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Timbre Variations is an exploration of the different sounds of the percussion family. The variations are set up by instrument sounds, while the basic form and rhythm remain constant in each variation.


  • Bells, Triangle, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine
  • Xylophone, Wood block, Guiro, Tom Tom
  • Snare Drum, Xylophone (share with player 2), Cowbell, Maracas
  • Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Slapstick, Bass Drum
  • 2 Timpani, Bass Drum (share with player 4), Claves, Sandpaper Blocks

  • Table of Contents:

    Publisher: Meredith Music
    Composer/Author: Snider, Robert C.
    Catalog Number: 00317220
    Pages: 15