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Introduction and Allegro - Harp, Flute, Clarinet, and Strings (Harp Part ONLY)

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Harp Part Only

Ravel's Introduction and Allegro is one of the two most beloved and most played works ever written for the harp, the other being Debussy's Danses sacree et profane. Both pieces were born of a fierce rivalry between two competing harp manufactureres, and both showcase the harp better than anything else ever written for the instrument.

In this first new edition since its composition in 1906, the piece, under the direction of harpist Carl Swanson, has been published the way it is actually played, making it much clearer to read, and saving each harpist learning it hours of preparation time.

For the first time, all of the pedals are included, as well as many pedal diagrams. In his research on the piece, Swanson found fingerings by Renie, Grandjany, Pierre Jamet, David Watkins, and Phia Berghout that work best on some problematic passages, and they are included in this edition. He also re-notated some passages to show how they are actually played.

There is a preface that includes historical and performance information on the piece. In addition, Swanson compared the separate parts of all seven instruments to the full score and created a list of corrections for each instrument. THose lists are included in this edition. By making those correction sto each part, all seven instruments, for the first time, will be looking at the same musical information.

Swanson has not in any way altered or added to Ravel's music or musical intent. Everything in this edition is Ravel, and only Ravel.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Carl Fischer
Composer/Author: Ravel, Maurice
Arranger/Editor: Swanson, Carl
Catalog Number: H77