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Mastering Technique for Oboe

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One of the most important skills to master as a modern-day musician is to create a clean and seamless technique. This collection of 36 exercises and original compositions, each transposed to several different keys, focuses on a variety of meters, styles, scales and patterns. These short themes enable a player to become more comfortable in keys with multiple sharps and multiple flats and is excellent practice for the high and low registers. These varied compositions also aid in recognizing intervals, different types of scales and sequences. They foster concentration, attention to finger synchronization as well as having to “go the distance” in managing one’s breath control. It is also about training your eyes and ears to “see” and “hear” ahead, resulting in a quick-thinking approach.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Jeanne Inc.
Composer/Author: Stephenson, Robert
Catalog Number: JP7065