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Powell Sonaré PS-705BOF Pro Flute, Solid Silver Headjoint/body, Open Holes, Offset G, B Foot

Catalog: PS75BOF

Price: $3140.00


The Powell Sonaré 705 Model is the premiere model of the Sonaré Range. With the most options and upgrade features, the 705 is perfect for the most discerning intermediate flutist. The instrument features a Sterling Silver body and headjoint, with a Nickel Silver, Silver Plated mechanism.  This model has French Pointed Arms with an Offset G Key, and B foot.  This model also features the feel of a professional flute with 10K White Gold Springs.



Pitch:  A-442

Tubing Material:  Sterling Silver

Tubing Thickness:  .016"

Tone hole Type:  Drawn only

Footjoint:  B Foot

Gizmo:  Standard

Scale:  Modern Powell Scale



Tube Material:  Sterling Silver

Lip Plate Material:  Sterling Silver

Wall Material:  Sterling Silver

Crown Material:  Sterling Silver



Type:  Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws

Keywork Material:  Nickel Silver, Silver Plated

G key:  Offset

Cups:  French Cups

Arms:  Pointed Arms

Springs:  10K White Gold



Type:  Traditional Felt

Model: PS75BOF
Manufacturer: Sonare