Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past - Text

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Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past by Pamela Weston

Short biographies and vignettes of the most prominent clarinet virtuosi, from the clarinet's beginning through the beginning of the 20th Century.  Written in an accessible, narrative style.

Table of Contents:
  • 01. "The Master of Musick from London": Mr Charles, Sponsor the Clarinet
  • 02. The First Virtuosi: Joseph Beer and Franz Tausch
  • 03. Mozart's Clarinettist: Stadler
  • 04. Paris, Scene of Inventions 1: Lefevre
  • 05. Strains from the North: the Saga of Bernt Crusell
  • 06. Court Music at Sondershausen: the Brilliancy of Hermstedt
  • 07. Idol of the PUblic: Thomas Lindsay Willman
  • 08. "Never more beautiful tones": the great Heinrich Baermann
  • 09. Paris, Scene of Inventions 2: Muller
  • 10. A "ravishing magic sound": Friedlowsky, Count Troyer and Caroline Schleicher
  • 11. "Souvenirs de ma vie artistique": the Travels of Joseph Blaes
  • 12. "Meine Primadonna": Muhlfeld
  • 13. Paris, Scene of Inventions 3: Klose, The Gomez Story
  • 14. British Heritage: the Mahons, Lazarus and Charles Draper

  • Publisher: June Emerson
    Composer/Author: Weston, Pamela
    Catalog Number: EE408
    Pages: 292