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Yamaha YRN-302B Sopranino Baroque 2 Piece Recorder

Catalog: YRN302B

Price: $13.90


The sopranino recorder, in the key of F, sounds an octave above the alto recorder and a fourth above the soprano. It is a great range-extender for a recorder ensemble, very useful for playing those soprano parts that hang just a little too high. It also has both its own unique Baroque solo repertoire and the alto recorder's solo repertoire available for solo playing.

If you are serious about your music, the Yamaha 302B Rottenburgh-style sopranino recorder delivers a rich body of clear, focused sound while providing the convenience of durable, maintenance-free ABS resin. Designed for ease of reaching the upper register, this sopranino recorder has a shaped, low-profile beak, allowing a relaxed embouchure, and is exceptionally comfortable to play. It is a 2-piece recorder with Baroque fingering and a wide, straight windway.

The YRN-302B sopranino recorder includes a cloth case, fingering chart, owner's manual, and recorder cream.

Model: YRN302B
Manufacturer: Yamaha