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On the Spectrum - Percussion Quintet

Price: $25.20


For percussion quintet. Duration: ca. 3:30. Includes score and parts:

  • Player 1: Highest-Pitched Instrument
  • Player 2: Medium High
  • Player 3: Medium
  • Player 4: Medium Low
  • Player 5: Lowest-Pitched Instrument
  • For each performance of the piece, use only instruments that are in the same family

  • Non-Pitched Woods: woodblocks, log drums, wooden planks
  • Non-Pitched Metals: cowbells, agogo bells, brake drums
  • Drums: concert toms, bass drums, snare drums, timpani
  • Keyboard Percussion: marimba, vibraphone, xylophone
  • Found Percussion: trash cans, pots & pans, mixing bowls, tin cans

  • Table of Contents:

    Publisher: C. Alan
    Composer/Author: Daughtrey, Nathan
    Catalog Number: CA21800