Band Whisperer: A Practical Guide to Making Beautiful Music

Catalog: W90

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Tone - Pitch - Balance - Blend - Rhythm - Technique - Style - Musicianship

The Band Whisperer conquers them all - and the winners are our students! Whether you are a music major, a new teacher, or an experienced master educator, you will find material in this book that inspires and enables you to attain ever higher levels of success with your ensembles. Discover a small but powerful voice within you that whispers answers to the most challenging pedagogical issues, and use it to transform the members of your ensemble into outstanding performers. The Band Whisperer provices you with the tools and confidence to forge your own path to the highest levels of achievement.

Table of Contents:
  • 8. Harnessing the Power of Band Whispering
  • 7. Written Expression, Style, Phrasing, & Musicianship
  • 6. Technique
  • 5. Rhythm
  • 4. Balance & Blend
  • 3. Pitch
  • 2. Tone
  • 1. Spinning Plates
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Forewords

Publisher: Kjos
Composer/Author: Morrison, David
Catalog Number: W90
Pages: 160