Just for Brass, Just for Winds

Just for Brass and Just for Winds logos


We are excited to announce that Groth Music has acquired the complete print inventory of Just for Brass and Just for Winds and taken over management of their popular Studio Pages service. We look forward to serving you!

Studio Pages

All JFB/JFW Studio Pages have been duplicated on the Groth Music website and existing discount codes will continue to apply for 10% off sheet music items contained on those pages.

Inventory Status

As of May 2022 we are receiving the physical inventory from JFB/JFW and beginning the process of organizing it, checking it into our system, and adding new items to our website. Portions of their catalog are common to ours, and those items will be available to browse and purchase through our website more-or-less immediately. The rest, including much of the brass literature, is new to our catalog and will need to be set up in our sales system and populated on our website over time. This will take a number of months. In the mean time, if there is something you are looking for that isn’t listed on the site, please do not hesitate to call or email us with your request: